One thing that many people do not know about Georgia is that it is a place where ghost and vampire tours are very popular. These are also popular in states like North Carolina, but there are very few that are as exciting as the ones you will see in Georgia. Let’s discuss some of the top ones that you can go on, as well as what cities they are located in see you can plan your trip accordingly.

Old Savanna Tours

There has always been a history in the South of vampires, probably brought on by the Civil War where there was so much bloodshed. There were myths about how creatures of the night would actually use the bodies, even convert them into other vampires. When you go on something like Old Savanna Tours in Savanna, you are going to hear all of this information and more. It is designed to get your skin crawling, and also to have a good time.

Ghost City Tours

This is one of the more popular ones that is also in savanna. Many of the people take the dead of night tour when it is darkest and the most frightening. The guide will tell you about several of the main haunts, and the city that was built literally upon the dead. These people will know exactly what is going on, and if you are a ghost enthusiast, is definitely a place that you should consider going if you are into paranormal activities.

Blue Orb Savannah Ghost Tours

This final tour that you should go on is also in savanna where it seems that most of them are. You are going to be taken to get more places that are haunted, and by going after dusk, it’s going to make it exciting. Even if you have never been on a ghost tour, you might want to consider Blue Orb as one of the first ones to start with. It’s a great way to get moving in the right direction toward having fun on your trip in Georgia with these many different ghost events.

Even if you have never done anything crazy before, or were even remotely interested, you will definitely have a fun time doing these tours looking for ghosts. Whether or not they are real, it really get your mind thinking about the possibilities. Definitely plan a trip going to Georgia for this exact reason because be scary and fun.