Even among Americans, Massachusetts can be mysterious.This isn’t surprising considering that the United States has over 50 states. With so many territories covered, it’s impossible for just about anyone to know everything there is to know about each state unless there is some deliberate intent to familiarize oneself with all 50 states. But don’t you worry, though, because, in this article, we are going to talk about one of the most prized places in the country: Massachusetts.

Can you ever go wrong when you visit or live in Massachusetts? The rather convoluted answer to the question can be summed up in two words: It depends on sea food, that is, it depends on whether or not if you have such high expectations about the place. Obviously, if you have no expectations and just expect whatever comes your way, it would be impossible to be disappointed.

However, if you expect the state to be high-end all-around because it hosts Martha’s Vineyard, you will be disappointed. Just like in any other place anywhere in the world, there are districts where the rich gather and there are places where the poor gather. Thankfully, though, Massachusetts is one of the more well-off states, and even the so-called poor people live better than the poor people in other states.

What can you expect from Massachusetts? Three words: sea, history, Kennedy.

Because it faces the Atlantic Ocean, the state is lined with pockets of beaches where you can swim, relax seafood. On the other hand, because of its rich recorded history that dates back hundreds of years (it was occupied by the Massachusetts tribe before the whites took over), the history has many museums that you can check out. But Kennedy? You may not know it, but America’s royal family hails from Massachusetts.

Since we have never been to the state, we don’t know for sure which places in the state hosts memorials and memorabilia of the Kennedy’s, however, if you search for it on Google, you should be able to find them.

If you plan on living there, you should know that the biggest employers are the companies in the healthcare industry. Of course, there are non-healthcare companies that are gainfully employing people.

As for the houses, you would be glad to know the state has decent houses and apartments that you can buy or rent across all budgets.