Of all of the beautiful cities that tourists travel to in Massachusetts, Plymouth is very popular. You had probably heard of this city before, the original place where the pilgrims were located, and the story of the famous Mayflower unfolded at this location. There are several tours that you can go on, museums to visit, and you can also do outdoor activities. It’s located right on Cape Cod Bay, heading out into Plymouth Bay, just a short drive down from Boston as you are headed to Martha’s Vineyard. Let’s look at some of the things that you will be able to do at this original site of the first Pilgrim settlement.

Why Plymouth Is Famous

In history, back in the 1600s, a settlement was built around what was called Plymouth Rock. There is now a memorial there, and tourists go there every year to learn more about the Mayflower, the pilgrims, and how things got started. That’s why they have so many tours that are geared toward talking about pilgrims. You can take a full day trip to Plymouth and Newport if you want. That’s just one of the many boat tours that is available. It’s also well known that whale watching is extensive in this area of the country on the East Coast, and you can take whale watching and also fishing tours to bide your time.

What Else Can You Do In Plymouth?

Other places that you can include the Mayflower Society House and Library. Plymouth Hall Museum, as well as the Plymouth Plantation are also very popular tours. There are also many restaurants that you can eat at including the Plymouth Bay Winery, the Mayflower Brewing Company, and that Pilgrim Food Tours. All of these places offer something unique, making it worthwhile to spend a little time at each one. You can then check out the other sites in the city, and landmarks that are available for everyone.

After you are done with your visit in Plymouth, you can then decide to check out other cities. You can keep following Highway six all the way to Provincetown, or simply head back up to Boston if that is where you were originally staying. Martha’s Vineyard is always a wonderful destination to visit, taking you right across the Vineyard Sound. However, if you are specifically staying in Plymouth, all of these things are also available, just a few hours drive as you visit many of the most popular areas of Massachusetts on your next vacation.