If you have never been to Massachusetts, you probably have no idea how to conduct yourself when dealing with those who live there. The best way to ensure you will not make a fool out of yourself and offend anyone would be to keep the following advice in mind.

Food Culture

1. Never go to a Chinese restaurant and order shrimp with lobster sauce unless you are ready to have some shrimp submerged in a rich, brown sauce. If you are looking for that light, nearly white looking sauce, you should head to New York instead.

2. People who want a submarine style sandwich should remember to call it a sub or a grinder, depending on the part of Massachusetts you are in. Calling it anything else, especially a hoagie, will get you laughed at.

Getting Around

1. Traveling around the Boston area is pretty simple, especially since the MBTA can take riders nearly anywhere they want to go. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the Charlie Card system before you try it in person. Otherwise, you will hold up other riders when asking questions and it may create an issue.

2. Uber and Zipcar are available in many places all over the state, so you can easily get around if the MBTA is not available. Unlike many cities, the transit system in this state does not provide around the clock service.

General Rules

1. Many people avoid talking about religion and politics when they first get to know someone. Make sure that you add sports to this list if you are heading to this state. You should never discuss any teams besides the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins or Celtics, and it must all be positive. I live here and I wouldn’t even try breaking this rule.

2. Never talk bad about Dunkin Donuts. It doesn’t matter if they did something to warrant your disdain. Speaking ill of this coffee shop is enough to make someone put a hit out on you. In Mass., this place is a family member.

This may seem like a lot to remember, but it is essential that you don’t forget a word of this. If you head to this state and you forget to keep all of this information in mind, your experience may not be as great as you had hoped for.