Massachusetts has such a long and significant history first as a colony and then as a state that it is hard to narrow down and pinpoint its significance without taking up volumes of books. It has been the site of many significant events from the founding of the first Western settlement, Plymouth, to the Boston Tea Party in Boston Harbor to a flashpoint for the start of the American Revolution to the Salem Witch trials.

For those who wish to visit, plan on allowing a lot of time to get around to take in the most significant places. Anyone wanting to live in Massachusetts should take into account that 80 percent of the state’s population live in the Greater Boston area.

In other words, be prepared for a massive urban environment and sprawling suburbs. Though, Boston is known for having excellent public transportation, a voracious appetite for all kinds of ethnic foods, all readily available in the melting pot city. The Boston sports fans are ravenous at times but very passionate about the Bruins, Celtics, and the Patriots.

The area was once more industrial and made the transition to services and the information age by the end of the last millennium. These days, it is a leader in biotechnology, science, higher education, and continues to churn out more than its share fair of Supreme Court justices. That’s in part thanks to the location of Harvard.

Of course, Boston is the place to be for the bright intellects of the world. It is a hotbed for far advanced higher education, including Harvard, MIT, and other universities of a very high caliber.

Because it has long been established as the place to be in Massachusetts, it is pricey. Boston is expensive, though there are still parts of town where there are some relative deals to be found. They are on the outskirts, but still allow a family to live.

There are of course many other elements to Massachusetts. Though, they are mostly agricultural and more rural. The Boston area, however, is expansive, and cannot be ignored. It is difficult to determine the outer realms of the area because of its expansiveness.

Consider where you need to be to determine where to live. If you are just visiting, plan on staying a long while and dedicating your time just to Massachusetts alone. It is a big place with a good deal of history.