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MediaKive specializes in digitizing video tape libraries for long-term archive, along with broadcast video encoding and commercial video encoding. Our unique approach to quickly, efficiently and securely digitizing any size tape library has become an asset to broadcasters who are looking to convert their tape libraries to a digital format.

We offer convenient, cost-effective ways to convert your analog video tape library from a growing problem into a digital asset with limitless potential.

Many facilities have the ability to encode video tapes on their own, however, the sheer size of the tape library and the difficulties in staffing, hiring, equipment procurement and managing the process has made it easy to ignore, until now.

MediaKive will work with you to determine the most efficient file formats for your workflow, including the creation of meta-data information and proxy files which can be pushed to existing storage or archive you currently own. Assets can be searched and retrieved from within your own organization or configured as a web interface for browsing, even revenue based downloads.

Video Tape To Digital Asset

Our customers are leveraging these instant digital files, repurposed from tape, for many of the following:

Faster turn-round of on-air productions utilizing archive material.
Broader offering of web-based content
Pay-per view or subscription based access to their video archives.
Permanent archive of assets that were deteriorating on analog tape.

Digital assets are archived in remote location to meet disaster recovery requirements. Digital assets are accessible instantly by everyone on a LAN versus having to dig through the tape library multiple times daily.

Creating new opportunities to extend brand and bottom line, by leverage archived video on the web. Licensing archived digital video content to other broadcasters or webcasters
Instant Access to digitized airchecks.

Contact MediaKive at 603-598-9800 or by email: info at mediakive dot com.

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